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Boost your child's digital prowess with TalkingChalks' summer coding courses. From beginners to advanced, our comprehensive curriculum offers hands-on practice and fosters creativity. Give your child a head start—enroll today!

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Coding with Blockly

Duration: 10 hrs Blockly | Scrath 3.0

This summer course is designed to teach your child how to create games and interactive programs using Scratch 3.0. With fun and engaging lessons, your child will develop essential coding skills while having a blast. Students learn:

  • Introduction to coding concepts and Blockly/Scratch 3.0
  • Basic and advanced programming concepts in Scratch 3.0
  • Hands-on practice with Blockly and Scratch 3.0
  • Final project showcasing skills learned

Mobile Apps and Game Development

Duration: 10 hrs Game Development | Mobile Apps

Are you interested in designing your own app or creating a game this summer? Our course covers the fundamentals of mobile app and game development. With expert guidance and hands-on practice, you'll be designing your own website or game in no time.

  • Introduction to mobile app and game development
  • Programming fundamentals and language basics
  • Creating basic apps and games with guided tutorials
  • Advanced concepts (e.g. APIs, databases, debugging)
  • Project management and teamwork

Intro to Web Technologies

Duration: 10 hrs Web Development | Programming

Have you ever wondered how to build your own website from scratch? Our course covers the basics of web technologies, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With interactive lessons and real-world examples, you'll be able to create your own app from start to finish.

  • Develop your own website
  • Use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Practice with interactive lessons
  • Apply skills to real-world examples

Intro to Python Programming

Duration: 10 hrs Database with python | Animation with python

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, and with our course, you can learn the basics this summer. The course covers essential programming concepts and teaches you how to construct programs using simple commands. With hands-on practice and expert guidance, you'll quickly develop coding skills that will last a lifetime.

  • Variables, data types, and control flow
  • Loops, functions, and modules
  • Input/output and exception handling
  • Basic data structures: Lists, Tuples, and Dictionaries
  • Introduction to object-oriented programming
  • Final project and application of concepts learned



The duration of the course is for 10 hours, spread over 2 weeks(Mon-Fri),with each session lasting for one hour
The price of each course varies, so it's recommended to contact our counsellors or check the payment page for more information
Group sessions can be offered on special cases for summer courses. For more information, it's recommended to contact the counselors.
The summer courses are entirely online

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