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Our Hands-On STEM Workshop offers a fun and engaging way for students to explore the world of science, technology, engineering, and math. We offer a range of workshops for different age groups, including:

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Science Fun Workshop

Duration: 10 hrs Creativity | Introduction to new topics

This workshop teaches the basics of electronics through fun and interactive projects. Students will learn how to build circuits and create simple machines using everyday materials. The science kit will be provided.

Intro to Robotics

Duration: 10 hrs Circuit design | Problem solving

This workshop introduces the fundamentals of robotics. Students will learn how to build robots and program them to complete tasks using sensors and motors.The robotics kit will be provided.

Intro to Arduino and Internet of Things

Duration: 10 hrs Arduino | Programming

This workshop teaches students how to code using the C programming language and use Arduino to build projects that interact with the Internet of Things.The Arduino kit will be provided.

Introduction to AI

Duration: 10 hrs Basics of AI | Basics of Machine Learning

This workshop teaches the basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Students will learn how to use popular ML tools such as TensorFlow and Keras to create models that can recognize images and make predictions.



The duration of the course is for 10 hours, spread over 2 weeks(Mon-Fri),with each session lasting for one hour
The price of each course varies, so it's recommended to contact our counsellors or check the payment page for more information
Group sessions can be offered on special cases for summer courses. For more information, it's recommended to contact the counselors.
The summer courses are entirely online

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