FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We have fully online tutoring sessions. Once you sign up with us for a free trial session, we assess your child’s ability to learn and a tutor is assigned with whom your child will be comfortable with.

All our courses are easy to learn even for children who are new to coding. The teachers provide the curriculum based on the child’s ability and academic needs

All software and teaching materials are supplied by us or will be free tools made available to everyone by reputed organizations and initiatives around the world. All that will be needed is a good computer with video and voice and a decent internet connection.

We have three different courses for different age groups

  • CS Pre reader course focusing young kids who have just started to read(Age group- 5 tk 7 yrs)
  • CS fundamentals course for children upto middle school (Age group-- 8 to 12 yrs)
  • CS Discoveries course for High school children (Age group-- 13 to 16 yrs)
For details see ‘Courses’ section in our website

The classes are taught in a gamified way where each concepts of coding are introduced in the form of game based concepts which will make it easier for your child to learn things faster and also memorize it better.

Yes, of course they can attend more than one camp or course based on their age group.

The first session is always free once you sign up with us. Then only you need to make the payment. After a month if you’re not satisfied with our tutoring sessions we guarantee your money back.

Of Course coding develops a lot of skills both academic and many life skills. This wider skill development is what makes us believe early computer education a must for all students and motivates us to continue to help children with early computer learning.

Every child at TalkingChalks will learn various life skills which make them outperform other STEM students in schools and colleges. They also develop their computational thinking and planning skills.

Yes, they will receive a certificate by code.org. At the end of each course, students are assigned a project that incorporates all the skills learned during that course. Every student who successfully completes this project receives a certificate of completion.

Our teachers will send feedback to your email after each session so that you can track your child’s progress.

Teachers at Talking chalks are highly qualified professionals and they undergo training for educating the students regarding the curriculum we provide

Our website has a signup section where you can fill in the details and schedule for a free trial session.

Yes, we follow the world famous proven curriculum by Code.org various which is created by many industry leaders working together to make it easy for schools and institutions to give their kids an opportunity to learn coding with ease.

See the details in the “Course “ section.

You can contact us at +1 425 305 4333 or email us at [email protected]

Coding helps your child to develop many life skills like computational thinking, problem solving, creativity, communication, collaboration and persistence

Yes, we teach Math and provide homework help.

Each course is completely based on the student’s pace to learn the concepts and solve the puzzles. At the end of each course, a project will be assigned to them to assess the understanding of the concepts they learned.

Yes, children can attend the online sessions without parental supervision as we teach them how to use the online apps to attend the sessions.

We generally follow the Common core curriculum for Math.However we also offer other curriculums in-align to the requirement of parents.

Absolutely yes, we will evaluate the child so as to understand which concepts they need attention & which concepts they are good in as well.

Yes, we assess them to understand their strengths & weaknesses in the respective concepts.

Ofcourse, we provide homework help & ensure that they master the concepts that are taught in schools.

Absolutely, we offer personalized sessions & help the kids crack the gifted program.

Absolutely, we offer personalized sessions & help the kids crack the gifted program.

Yes, you will get the same tutor every time unless the teacher

Yes, Homework help will be provided to your child if he/she really needs help in difficult or challenging math concepts.